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Chile Rellenos with Tomato Sauce

This could have been a disaster. In fact, for a moment I thought it would be.

The poblano chiles were in the skillet. The oil didn’t seem hot enough, batter was falling off the chiles, and the slit in one of them looked like it would start oozing cheese.

I made this meal for Jeff’s father for a pre-Father’s Day celebration, and it turned out just fine. Actually, the chile rellenos turned out great. I’ll attribute my moment of panic to the fact I’d never made this before.

For starters, you char the chiles over the gas burner (or put them under the broiler, only ours is pretty gross so we rarely use it). The chiles go one at a time on the burner grates. You use tongs to turn them over the gas flame. I was a bit timid about this. The chiles crackled and popped, and I removed them early out of fear of catching something on fire. As a result, I didn’t char the first two enough. Trust me on this. Leave them on longer than I did. You won’t catch anything on fire. If they’re completely blackened, they’re easier to peel.

Then you peel them, slit each one down the side and carefully remove the ribs and the seed pod, taking care not to tear the pepper. And then you stuff each one with cheese. I ended up using toothpicks to close the slits. The next step is dusting the peppers with flour. Each gets dunked into a frothy egg batter and placed in the skillet.

Fortunately, Jeff acted as sous chef during the last step. After we’d fried the first two chiles, we understood the process better and the second two turned out beautifully. The chile rellenos wasn’t spicy at all, but melty and tangy.  A confession: I’d never had chile rellenos before. However, John, Jeff’s dad, is a chile rellenos connoisseur. If it’s any indication, he had seconds.

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